Tips on choosing your Wedding Venue

Tips on choosing a Wedding Venue a DJs view….

So your wondering what a DJ would know about the topic…

Consider this, who attends more weddings and at different venues in a year than anyone you know and who gets there first and leaves the wedding venue with the last of the wedding guests?
In other words who really gets to know the ins and outs of wedding venues?

Yes the DJ!

I have personally been involved in the wedding industry for more than 15 years, believe me I have seen the good, the bad and the terrible. Saying that by far the vast majority of wedding venues do an excellent job, you just need to find the venue that suits your style and taste (and of course your budget).

Your wedding is generally broken into two sections firstly the ceremony which normally lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, and secondly where you and your guests will spent the majority of the time is at your reception venue this can range from 4 to 6 hours. You want wedding venue, to not only make sure that the wedding is unique, stunning, elegant, but also a wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come?

There are loads of things to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

First there are the obvious ones: How many guests can it accommodate; does it have sufficient parking; is it safe; what’s the food like; is there a dance floor and are there electrical outlets for the DJ’s, band; etc.

If you are going to entertain your guests you should check with the venue what restrictions in terms of the music on the night? So instead of the rocking party you expected, you’ll be having a toned down affair with guests nagging you (and your DJ) to turn up the tunes.

Now you might not have thought about this, and the venue probably neglected to mention this, under some liquor licensing rules (especially at restaurants) they are not allowed to play loud music, especially not after 10pm at night. Some venues due to their location have restrictions for the whole night, to give you an idea 85db is just above background music, 95db is a reasonable level for dance music(not to loud) a nightclub generally runs at 110db.

I would suggest a DJ or Band would be not suitable where there is an 85db or lower restriction, maybe a jukebox would be more suitable. As a DJ we are obliged to stick to the rules, or our equipment can be impounded and the venue could face fines or lose their licence.

You should also check if you can extend later into the night if desired and what the cost is, if any.

Another thing to consider is if the venue has a wireless microphone to use for speeches and announcements, if not most reputable DJ’s should include one in their package or you can hire.

The easiest way not to be disappointed is ask the questions before you book the venue.

Transport home for your guest should be a consideration, do taxis service the venue or is there a courtesy bus?

Finally, always keep in mind that your entertainment for the evening will be one of the most important choices you’ll make. Should you decide to go with a DJ we would love to give you a quote.